Case Study

Waterfront Academy is a dual-immersion (Spanish and English) faith-based Montessori Catholic school located in SE Washington, DC.



In the weeks leading up to the start of the school year, Waterfront experienced an enrollment shortfall. We were called in to provide support to find needles in the proverbial haystack and well as provide public relations support for the administration.


Our Work

We used our knowledge of the admission cycle in the DC area to identify potential students/families. We are a white hat organization, so poaching from area competitors was off the table. Within days, we designed and launched a robust digital call-to-action campaign through search sites, influencer-managed platforms, and social media. We provided Waterfront with a communication plan and organizational audit to ensure effective workflow from members of the staff.

Truth Tree Consulting, Brand Development, marketing, enrollment management, marketing strategies


Waterfront successfully reorganized their management system and while enrollment goals were not initially met, they were able to balance their budget through other recommended means.