Digitally speaking, does your school stand out?

Are you curious about the strategies top-tier schools are implementing to be seen in the digital landscape? How does your school stack up?

series of digital marketing representations for schools - Truth Tree

Join Liz Zweigle for a free two-part Zoom discussion about your current marketing strategy, enrollment challenges, and next steps for best success.

🖥️  Zoom Call 1: What are you currently doing? What are your wins? Where are you wishing for more?

🖥️  Zoom Call 2: After in-depth analysis of your school’s current positioning, Liz will guide you through a detailed overview of the tried-and-true digital marketing tactics being used by top-tier schools. This will dovetail into a look at your local market and action steps to make an impact against your top competitors.

With so much coming at parents from every direction, it’s crucial you have the fundamentals in place to show up AND stand out.

Liz Zweigle knows school marketing.

Liz spent fifteen years leading independent schools, charter schools, and universities in award-winning admissions, financial aid, retention, marketing, and branding efforts. She’s been in your shoes—giving tours, developing marketing strategies, crunching numbers, and strategizing to grow enrollment. She knows the pressures (and joys!) schools face and loves to see Truth Tree help schools shine!