There are many reasons why schools trust us with their digital marketing.

There are reasons schools pass on a partnership with us. 

We’ve worked with over 100 schools in dozens of markets, serving all types of schools, from tiny, uber-niche schools to nationally-ranked powerhouse private schools. We might be the right fit for them, but that doesn’t mean we’re the right fit for your school.

Before you reach out, here are five reasons NOT to hire Truth Tree as your digital marketing partner.

1- If you want a promise of more inquiries, applications, and new enrollees

“They said they’d add 30 new students, guaranteed!”

Schools are shocked when we tell them upfront we do not promise more form fills, event attendees, or a higher enrollment. 

How could we make that promise?

No honest marketing agency should make that promise unless they handle all aspects of the marketing and admission funnel.

We promise our entire creative and production team will work daily to address enrollment goals with precision expertise. A byproduct of our promise is an average 803% ROI, resulting from 37% more inquiries and 28% more applications. 


2- If you don’t mind paying for what you already get

“Look at all the inquiries. The digital marketing agency must be working hard.”

Unfortunately, many digital marketing firms use tactics that inflate their effectiveness. One such tactic is keywording a school’s name. What they do is show an ad to someone who searches for a school’s exact name.

And who Googles a school’s exact name? 

Current parents and prospects who are ready to inquire, sign up for an event, or apply. 

So, when the agency’s contact form gets filled out, they can boast that the conversion was based on their “hard work” when they were going to find you anyway…and you paid for it. Ouch!

If you want to spend precious ad dollars on people who intend to visit your site, don’t hire us.


3- If flash and sizzle marketing is more important than attracting best-fit students.

“Ooooo, look at that animated GIF mockup display ad…it has our logo on it!”

Schools have inquired about our services, went with another company, and a year later, were back in contact. 

The reason: they were wowed by the glitz, sizzle, and promise of higher enrollment. Schools realized all the pomp was meant to hide the agency’s lack of understanding of how parents shop for, consider, inquire, and ultimately enroll at a school. That’s often because they work in many spaces and take any client needing digital marketing.

That’s not us. We only work with schools because we are led by former school marketers who’ve been in your shoes, grinding every day to ensure the schools we served had a successful future. 

If vanity is your thing, we are not the right partner for you.


4- If you like spending hours communicating with mission-INappropriate families.

I spoke to one parent who thought we were a child care center, another who thought we were free, and another who lives 400 miles away and thought our school was  down the street.”

That’s time that could have been better used.

Some agencies hang their hat on a show BIG numbers, like impressions. They do this by targeting big areas and nondescript audiences.

We create campaigns based on our school partners’ needs.

  • Want more middle school girls?
  • How about more full-pay families in preschool?
  • Need a new center for your high school basketball team?

Okay, that last one might be pie-in-the-sky, but that’s the kind of challenge we like.


5- If you want a vendor who just does what they’re told.

“Please have all our ads say small class size and rigorous academics. “

Some agencies just want to keep their clients happy. So whatever the school suggests is what they do, even if it goes against the data and experience of an agency.

Please don’t hire us if you read something in a blog and want to “try it out” or if a board member with some marketing experience thinks a certain tactic will work (signs on lamp posts to increase enrollment, anyone?).

We may not be the right firm for you, and that’s okay.

 As you look for a better match, we’d still like to help. Here’s a questionnaire to help you find the best digital marketing agency for your school. Good luck!  

If you think Truth Tree is a potential match, let’s start a conversation to learn more about each other, Let’s Chat!