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We are passionate about school marketing.
That's because we were independent school admission, marketing, & enrollment directors.

We were in your shoes at one time, searching for a way to promote our school better online.

Now, we are ready to help you.

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 Say Hello To Your New School Digital Marketing Services


The Enrollment Edge™ is an award-winning, all-in-one digital marketing package designed especially for schools.

​We will take what makes you unique and transform it into messaging that will drive value to the right people at the right time on the right platform.

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The best schools are the first ones listed online, right? 

Not necessarily, but that's how people think.


Our SEO strategy will increase your authority, relevance, and importance to ensure parents "rank" you higher and higher.


A model student and an outstanding family start as an inquiry. 

So how do you transform an inquiry into a star evangelist?

Truth Tree’s email marketing strategy is engineered to showcase your benefits and convert inquiries into enrollees.

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Creating great content takes time and effort!

So let Truth Tree take the hassle off your plate.

We will conceive, create, and distribute content that helps families and showcases your thought leadership.

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Brendan Schneider

Internationally Renowned
Independent School Marketing Expert
SchneiderB Media, LLC

"Truth Tree is my go-to team for Google and Facebook Ads. Their superpower is being able to combine a deep knowledge of digital ad strategy and platforms AND their knowledge of having worked in and understanding schools. That combination is hard to find in the K-12 school space!"

Brendan Schneider
Internationally Renowned
Independent School Marketing Expert
SchneiderB Media, LLC

Our Secret Sauce

Ever wonder when and how parents start their search?

What do they look for, click on, and value?

Why did they ultimately choose you or the other school?

We don’t.



Truth Tree owns and operates two private school search sites--( & Proprietorship of these sites allows us to interact with parents in real-time, gathering invaluable qualitative data.

That qualitative data compiled from 400+ families over 7 years means we have the most profound understanding of what parents search for and value, and ultimately what and why they choose a school.

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