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Preschool students sitting down and raising their hands with text overlay that reads: Want to increase preschool enrollment? Do this one thing! | Truth Tree knows schools. | Truth Tree knows digital marketing.

Are You Missing Out on Higher Enrollment In Preschool?

The starting age varies from school to school. Even if a school has a preschool, does that mean it starts at age 3 or 4? Or is it age 2? A survey confirmed the confusion and need for clear, concise website wording. This can help schools show up in the search process raising their chances of being candidates for consideration.

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A lively discussion on several topics, including how the Metaverse, NFTs, and voice-first technology could play a role in school marketing.

Why Retention Is More Important Than Admissions

Image Seven, an Australian-based school marketing firm, had Trevor Waddington as their guest talking about our blog on the Ultimate School Review.

A wonderful podcast where Trevor Waddington was the guest discussing educational leadership.

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Join us for “Ask Us Anything: a Live Q&A” on April 24, 2024.