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A marketing intelligence
& reporting platform
designed for
school marketers.

Make data-driven decisions for outstanding results.

Recognizing the unique challenges of attracting and enrolling best-fit families, Enrollytics™️ offers a comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting tools.


This isn’t just about measuring; it’s about refining your strategies to meet and exceed your enrollment marketing goals.

Focusing on precise, actionable data, Enrollytics™️ provides a complete picture of your digital outreach, helping elevate your school’s brand and forge deeper connections with your target audience.

All of your data in one place.

No more tab surfing and digging to find the data that matters.

Enrollytics, a data reporting dashboard, designed by Truth Tree.

Make sense of the data with in-dashboard explainers, question to ask, analyses, and recommendations.

It’s like we’re right there with you to help you interpret the data.

Create and send reports in minutes.

Perfect for full board reports or a quick, last-minute meeting.

No more looking for answers during the meeting. It’s likely right on the report because we anticipated it. #BeenInYourShoes

It’s that simple. Ready to see how it can help you work smarter and faster?

Enrollytics™️ for Your School

  • Data Explainers & Strategic Insights
  • Interactive Metrics
  • 24/7 Access
  • Auto-generated Monthly Reports
  • Anytime Report Generator

Identify your school’s next digital marketing move.