Enrollment Marketing for Private Schools: Beginner-level Strategies for Increasing Online Presence

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Rica Perez, Digital Marketing Research Specialist, Truth Tree

As the marketing director at a private school, you’re already planning your next enrollment campaign to enroll more students or sustain your current enrollment with even more best-fit families.


More students = more revenue. 


You know that all things digital marketing is how more and more families are searching for schools. Still, you aren’t sure how to stand out from the competition online and get those click-throughs you need to reach your enrollment goals


Here are some effective strategies and tools you can use when planning your next enrollment marketing campaign to help boost your school’s online presence, reach prospective families, and get your ideal students through the door.


Why enrollment marketing?

Private schools need to take full advantage of the digital marketing and private school marketing possibilities available to them to increase their enrollment. With the help of a digital marketer, they can create an online presence that is engaging and interactive, creating a buzz that will hopefully convert into more students enrolled at their school. 


Digital marketers have extensive knowledge of various social media platforms, so they can be sure the necessary steps are taken in order to make sure as many people see your school’s posts as possible.


What are the benefits of enrollment marketing?

The benefits of enrollment marketing are plentiful. One of the most important is the ability to reach a larger and more accurate-to-your-mission audience. With more people on social media, it’s easier to find potential families that may be interested in your school. 


In addition, digital marketing can help create more awareness of your school and make you more competitive with other local private schools.


How can enrollment marketing be used to increase online presence?

To enroll more students, a private school should consider increasing its digital marketing presence across platforms and channels. We call this an omnichannel approach. 

Digital marketing includes using search ads, like Google and Bing, and social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram, to reach a larger audience. Private school marketing must also reach out to potential students through email, phone calls, and strategic on-campus experiences.


What are some effective enrollment marketing strategies?

Private school marketing should be a multi-pronged approach. 


First, you want to make sure your website is mobile-friendly and easy to find on search engines. 


Second, you want an active search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) presence with a strong following and regular updates. 


Third, you want to ensure that your marketing materials are up-to-date, engaging, and in line with your school’s mission. 


The best way to get your message out there these days is through digital marketing. If this challenge seems overwhelming, or you need assistance, please contact us at www.www.truthtree.com.

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