Meet The Newest Member of Your Enrollment Management Team

“Whoa, slow down! What do you mean our school needs a Facebook page? That’s for young people to keep tabs on their friends. A prestigious private school certainly does not belong there,” said school admins in 2007.

It’s fourteen years later and if you do not have someone in your office solely dedicated to producing quality content for social media, hire that person ASAP.


Here are FOUR reasons you need someone completely dedicated to content curation right now:


1. Post x Infinity. Five years ago, you posted content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Tomorrow, you need to clear your calendar. Not only are you posting official school content on your 15 platforms, don’t forget the glee club’s Instagram Stories #?and the football team’s fundraiser info on LinkedIn.


If you’re lucky enough to have a social media management platform, great, but even then, you need to differentiate the content by platform. Are you going to speak “parent” on TikTok? Are you going to post savage videos asking faculty members leaving for the day, “I love your car, what do you do for a living?” on Facebook? #DanielMac. If you are just going to cut and paste, you’re missing an important opportunity to connect with the “right” audience.


2. Epic iPhone Films. Those expensive promo videos and vignettes are pinned on YouTube and Facebook, and the board loves it. But young parents and potential students want raw and real video content in 15-60 second bite-sized chunks. Raw and real means your camera is on all day long. Because you never know when that epic moment will come, and your director, make-up artist, and boom mic engineer are no where to be found.


3. Hey Alexa: An Alexa Skill is like a piece of real estate. Once you claim it, it’s yours. So you need to have someone dedicated to learning what the heck it is and how to utilize it for internal and external audiences. Why should you act so fast? Do you know why so many famous people have the Twitter handle @realFirstLastName? Because some smart scammers trolled all the famous names and then tried to sell the famous their handle when Twitter blew up. And for many, it worked. Once you capture a niche in the voice-first market, as of now, it’s yours. So when I ask Alexa, “What’s the greatest private school in the world” the answer could be whatever YOU tell her to say. But who’s got the time for this? ?


4. Do ya know? Are you familiar with Quora? NextDoor? Twitch? Discord? Neither was I at one point, and you may know more, and I do. That’s why our team at Truth Tree spends quality time investigating each new app or platform that may have even a hint of relevance for schools. We can come out of that dive, and so, not worth it, but it’s always worth checking out.

Great content is the tiger blood #CharlieSheenthrowback that flows through the heart of your social media, and it needs dedicated people to do it right.


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