Social Proof Digital Ad Strategy for Independent Schools

Social Proof Digital Ad Strategy for Independent Schools

by Trevor Waddington, Founder & President, Truth Tree

What is Social Proof Digital Ad Strategy for Marketing Charter Schools?

Ever see a product on FB that caught your attention? Of course, you have!

Before clicking on the link, what do you usually do first? You read the comments.

Good comments = buyer; bad comments = keep scrolling.

That’s social proof, and it’s powerful.

Here are two ways to incorporate this strategy into your social media marketing campaigns.

How to Incorporate a Digital Strategy When Marketing for Charter Schools

Go the organic route.

  1. Create an awesome organic post that appeals to a prospective parent (e.g., admission event, “top school” award according to the local parent magazine, a great content marketing piece, etc.)
  2. Alert your parent ambassadors, and any parent who passes by your office, to go to your FB/IG pages and comment on the post – LIKE it and LOVE it too.
  3. Once you get a critical mass of engagements, boost the post to your target audience but don’t exclude your current followers. Let them make comments too.

Go the paid route.

  1. Create a sponsored post and then set the campaign objective to Post engagement. Be sure to target an audience that would/could be interested in your private school. Even $100 will get you 50-100 likes, loves, wows, and cares. That’s a lot of social proof!
  2. Pause or stop the ad when you get the amount of engagement you’re looking for. This will vary from school to school.
  3. Pause or stop the ad.
  4. Duplicate the ad and set the objective to Traffic, Lead Generation, or Messages depending on your desired user action.

If you’d like more tips or professional help with digital marketing for your charter school, we would be happy to discuss our services with you.

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