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Clairbourn School

Increase brand awareness and outreach to more nearby areas

Founded in 1926, Clairbourn School is a coed, private school serving students from preschool through eighth grade in Pasadena/San Gabriel, California.


  • As the demographic of young school-aged children in the area shrinks, Clairbourn needed to reach out to larger areas to attract more students.


  • Increase brand awareness to attract more families to the campus to highlight various programs.


  • To test ad copy and find the best options for our ads moving forward, we started with a benchmarking search campaign that was focused on the entire school demographic.
  • In the height of COVID, we had to be very flexible and responsive to the school’s needs. For example, if they were teaching remotely, our ad campaigns touted the school’s remote learning program. We were also very sensitive to when the school was able to offer blended learning and then later, entirely in-person learning. Being in constant contact and able to immediately launch ads that informed prospective parents about what was going on day-to-day with the school’s offerings was vital.
  • Truth Tree was also tasked with promoting open houses (both virtual and in-person) and certain sections of the school. Entry points like K-1st, Middle School, and even zoning in on 2nd grade were all targets to grow enrollment.
  • Throughout the relationship with Clairbourn, Truth Tree was able to make tweaks to its strategy to streamline and optimize campaigns. Initially, there were dozens of negative keywords and very specific zip code targeting that the partner insisted upon. Through extensive testing, Truth Tree was able to show that radius targeting that actually overshot the school’s typical catchment area not only brought in more traffic and a higher CTR but also cut CPC down drastically. More clicks for cheaper! Additionally, with proper in-depth account adjustments, negative keyword lists were shortened which loosened a targeting stranglehold and eliminated conflicts between targeted keywords and negative keywords.
  • Many schools have typical catchment areas that they target heavily and this oftentimes cuts away several important geographic locations full of potential students. This is especially prevalent in large metropolitan areas like LA. Working in conjunction with the head of school, marketing, and admissions departments we were able to identify and target some potential areas to the west of the school’s location in Pasadena. While this change didn’t immediately cause huge waves, after using this new, larger, catchment area the school is now pulling in enrollments from areas that they never would have reached out to before. Some of these parents are traveling an hour or more to drop their children off at school. Currently, Clairbourn is reporting that their students hail from 24 different cities in the greater LA area. This goes to show that the right fit school is hard to find and that parents will seek this type of school out!


  • Through a full audit of the website, our SEO team identified the top pages that needed on-page optimization of Meta tag, title, alt tags, and heading tags.
  • Truth Tree also identified 5 keywords that ranged from easy to hard in SEO work needed to gain upward mobility.
  • We provided monthly optimization suggestions that the partner implemented on their site starting with the pages that would provide the most boost.
  • While on-site optimizations were being executed our off-site optimization team worked on submitting the website to directories and building backlinks.


  • 55% increase in new enrollment over a three-year period.
  • 100% increase in inquiries including families moving to the area, which was a targeted goal based on available population data.
Clairbourn School - Truth Tree school marketing
Clairbourn ad
Clairbourn ad
Jeanette Zamora

Jeanette Zamora
Director of Communications and Marketing

“We have been impressed by Truth Tree’s digital marketing expertise. Their ability to translate our needs and goals into a comprehensive digital strategy has allowed us to attract more families from nearby areas. It is effective and we are eager to continue the momentum!"

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