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Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child

Geo-behavioral, psychographic research and digital ads to boost visibility in a competitive school market

Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child School services boys and girls in pre-K to grade six and is an all-girls school for grades seven to twelve. This Catholic School is located in Summit, New Jersey.


  • Promote a newly created pre-K program + Improve lower enrollment in specific grades
  • Promote the benefits of an all-girl education and a Catholic education.


Create brand-appropriate messaging and delivered micro-campaigns to segmented personas.


  • Oak Knoll is a unique school (the high school is all-girls and the rest of the school, PK-6, is co-ed). This called for unique strategies, language in ad copy, and targeting to be utilized. Almost treating both programs as individual schools. In addition to the difference in coed vs all-girls, open houses were also divided by age group.
  • We also pushed ad segments to help boost enrollment. Typically concentrating on entry points in the school like PreK and Kindergarten.
  • Ad-hoc campaigns were also used. For example, local schools were closing so we launched hyper-local campaigns to provide a solution for those families who were forced to find another school.
  • YouTube and Social video ads are also used to increase overall brand awareness.
  • Oak Knoll’s internal team is very open to experimentation. This allowed us to promote specialized programs and initiatives, including a lead magnet that users would have to fill out to receive a free ebook, promote events that are free for the community, and kindergarten readiness workshops. Throughout the entire partnership, we are A/B testing copy, targeting, and landing pages.


  • Through a full audit of the website, our SEO team identified the top pages that needed on-page optimization of Meta tag, title, alt tags, and heading tags.
  • Truth Tree also identified 5 keywords that ranged from easy to hard in SEO work needed to gain upward mobility. Once those keywords were implemented extensively on the site, new keywords were added into the mix, and optimizations were provided for these.
  • We provided monthly optimization suggestions that the partner implemented on their site starting with the pages that would provide the most boost.
  • While on-site optimizations were being executed our off-site optimization team worked on submitting the website to directories and building backlinks.
  • Extensive advice on how to build pages and what content is pertinent for the school’s goals and objectives based upon trends and proper timing.


Oak Knoll’s lower school applications are up 92.77% and upper school applications are up 18%. Their enrollment is up 32%.
Oak Knoll School
Meghan Hodgin

Meghan Hodgin
Director of Marketing & Communications

“Your school should be creating content that increases your presence online and nurtures leads and inquiries in your funnel for an enrollment win Boards dream about.”

Oak Knoll School Results

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