The Albino Sasquatch: Marketing Your Independent School’s Illusive 5%

Is your school a grey squirrel? Is it ordinary? Probably not, but if you use the following to describe your program –

  • small classes,
  • rigorous or advanced academics,
  • tight-knit community,
  • hands-on learning, and
  • individualized attention –

I’ve got news for you.

The above bullets are used by countless independent schools in some fashion to attract new customers. They are the calling card of the grey squirrel. But you don’t want to be a grey squirrel, right? In fact, you don’t even want to be a Purple Cow. It’s time to be reborn as an Albino Sasquatch.

The Albino Sasquatch is a mysterious beast that lives in the remote 5% of what your school offers students and families; the 5% that no other school can lay claim to being.

The illusive white-furred Bigfoot thrives in a habitat rich in the benefits it provides and will remain hidden until you decide to stop running with the pack (of grey squirrels) and find your inner Albino Sasquatch.

Bottom line: Stop wasting money pushing the features of your 95% and start marketing the benefits of your 5%.

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