Top 5 Reasons To Market Your School Year-Round

Should i market my school year round - Truth Tree

by Liz Yee, Director of Marketing, Truth Tree

The data shows that parents search for private and independent schools year-round.


private school vs. independent school and how parent search - Truth Tree

Why it matters: Independent schools are missing out on prospective new students.

Even with expected dips in the last two weeks of December and the ten days around Independence Day, parents are searching, and smart enrollment marketing pros are taking advantage.

Don’t believe it’s true? 

Here are FIVE reasons you should be marketing your school year-round.

  1. Ensures brand recognition and keeps your school front and center. You never know when a parent will think about schools for their child. They don’t understand the private school admissions process (and schedule), so parents must find your school when they are ready to explore options for their child.

  2. Keeps your school’s reputation sharp. Over time, schools change and evolve, but the public’s perceptions of private schools rarely keep up. It takes years to shape and define your school’s brand and reputation, so keeping it clear and consistent over time is important.

  3. Distinguishes your school vs. others. Consistent marketing ensures that your school is positioned as the obvious choice and insulated from competitors when parents are ready to look at schools.

  4. Crystalizes your target audience. As your school evolves and/or enrollment targets shift, you’ll need to target different audiences. Sometimes it’s a slight shift (more full-pay-plus families or more students of color), and other times you might look at a completely new customer base (a new target neighborhood/zip code, enrolling a new special program). Either way, your school must constantly evaluate your target audiences and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

  5. Ongoing marketing = more options and a full funnel. To ensure your school’s sustainability, you need to have high demand and more interest than the students you can enroll. If you’re actively marketing, you’ll have the option to have a more discerning admissions process and a truly full wait pool.

Key Takeaway:
Year-round marketing secures your school’s future. 

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