Data-Driven Digital Marketing Tactics To Improve Enrollment Yield

Digital Marketing to Improve Enrollment Yield - Truth Tree School Marketing Company

By Trevor WaddingtonPrincipal, Truth Tree

Whether you have rolling admissions or fixed application deadlines, certain times demand strategic shifts in your enrollment marketing tactics. Let’s focus on these key periods:

  • Admission Requirements Fulfilled –> School’s Acceptance Decision
  • Acceptance Notification –> Enrollment Contract Signed

While many schools prioritize re-recruitment events and promotional videos during this time, don’t overlook the hidden value of targeted digital tactics.

So, let’s explore how digital can play a complementary role in improving your enrollment yield.

When Is the Right Time for Yield Marketing?

These two time periods will vary. In the Washington DC area, where I spent twelve years as an admission director, the time frame was about six weeks. Many families completed the admission process by the end of January. That left an entire month where no contact or communication technically had to happen. 

On or around March 1, families were informed of the admission decision. They had fourteen days to sign the enrollment contract or decline admission. 

It was during this six-week stretch that digital marketing efforts shifted to remarketing those who completed the admission process.

What Should Your Campaign Messaging Include?

Unlike ads earlier in the admission season, these ads are brand statements and value reminders. No call-to-action necessary. 

As for the content of the ad, turn to your application pool. Information collected along their journey will tell you what aspects of your school they value most.


  1. Travel experiences
  2. International Baccalaureate 
  3. Advanced communication capabilities for parents

Now, let’s create some yield marketing ads!

data-driven enrollment marketing - Truth Tree School Marketing Agency
Marketing for IB Schools - Truth Tree Data-driven enrollment marketing agency

How to Target Applicants Specifically

Honestly, you don’t have to just target families you will or have accepted. 

If you do, create a customer list custom audience in Meta and Google Ads. Remember, though, that Meta recommends a minimum of 500 emails, although I’ve done it with less. Google says a minimum of 100 emails for display ads, but that’s usually if you put a ton of ad spend behind it.

If your list doesn’t meet the required minimum or either platform simply won’t run the ads because they can make more money by showing other ads to your audience, here’s a tip: Add current and alum families to the list. It never hurts to remind them of what makes your school awesome.

Another targeting technique is to activate your Facebook Pixel and Google Tag. When site visitors go to specific pages that might indicate they have applied, like a re-recruitment event registration page, it will trigger your ads. One important tip for any Google Ad remarketing or retargeting campaign: Exclude showing your ad on sites or channels that may display content that doesn’t align with your brand. Here’s how to do that or check your current ads.


With increased competition, decreasing interest in independent school education, and a market that wants to be wooed, enrollment marketing yield campaigns are a must.

I hope the step-by-step strategy above can help you get one or two more students who may have chosen another direction otherwise.

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