3 Strategies for School Marketing during Winter Break

3 Strategies for Private Schools During Winter Break

by Trevor Waddington, Founder & President, Truth Tree

One of the chilling (pun intended) memories of winter breaks past is the long layoff. Sure I enjoyed the time away, but my mind was usually on strategies that were not being executed because school was out. I always pictured the other admission and marketing directors having meetings and special events for prospective parents.

Was I the only one this paranoid?

Then, I decided I wouldn’t let the winter break slump curb the momentum we worked so hard to build since September.

Here are 3 strategies (plus a non-secular bonus) you can use this year to bust the winter break slump:


1. Video – Your school admarcom team should have sent a holiday video to your community. Repurpose that video and send a short version to prospective parents. Do not make it about admissions at all.

Holiday digital marketing for schools - Truth Tree

2. Social Media – Pre-set social media posts to run over the break. Your social media platforms should still be working for you each day you are away.

Here’s a good push pattern, so it’s not all sales:

  • Day 1: Your highest engaged, timeless post from the past year (you should be tracking your social engagement all the time to see what’s resonating most with your followers).

  • Day 2: A professional article from a reputable source that demonstrates the benefits of your school’s philosophy/program/etc.

  • Day 3: Photo or short video and a one-line description.

  • Day 5: Call to action message – join us on January 11 for [admission event]

Then repeat.

3. Digital Ads – School searching takes a big dip in the last two weeks of December. People use the holiday to start their search, while others use it to advance their research. During this time, ease back on the call to action. If it says inquire today or call now, and they do, they may be expecting a human response. If  you have a lot of inquiries and applicants at this time, focus on remarketing. If you’re still looking for quality leads, search ads all the way. It’s also not a bad idea to look into SEO for schools, if you’re already focused on your digital presence.

A lot can happen in the latter part of the calendar year. With the right school marketing strategy, the latter part of the school year could include an enrollment celebration.

Identify your school’s next digital marketing move.