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Enrollment Design Case Study

The Calverton School is a college preparatory, day and boarding school located in Huntingtown, Maryland. The School serves students age 3 to grade 12.


Increase revenue via higher enrollment, by attracting more students, in general, and more full(er)-pay students.



We identified a significant decline in the number of students who live in and immediately around Washington, DC., for over ten years. Additionally, DC proper and adjacent households with age-eligible students had a 59% higher household incomes than Calvert County families (the county where Calverton is located). Furthermore, many schools in the target area were considered "less traditional; left-leaning" schools. These schools' average tuition was also 81% more in an entry-grade comparison.


  1. Target and recapture the Washington, DC market.

  2. Enroll more full(er)-pay students.

Our Work

Truth Tree supported The Calverton School with a multi-faceted, multi-layered campaign to differentiate and demonstrate the value of a Calverton School education based on geo-behavioral psychographic data. As shown in the Google Ad above, we did not lead with or even use the School's name in the headline due to a lack of brand awareness in the target area. We wanted to show right-leaning, traditional households that an affordable education could be found not far from home that taught honor and respect.

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This particular version of the ad was pushed to conservative families in the 20-30% bracket of household incomes in five zip codes in southeast Washington, DC., and Prince George's County. This is considered an "up-and-coming" area where young families resided who do not have accumulated wealth but demonstrated an excellent investment (think: 3-years out of law school and a final year of medical school). Hence, the reason we touted the availability of financial aid and scholarships.






A 435% increase in applications and a 310% increase in the number of students representing the 14 zip codes targeted.